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"When Family Cargivers need a break, they call ME FIRST"


About Us

My father was diagnosis with Alzheimer's Disease and my mother was his primary caregiver.  Witnessing the toll, it was taking on her and having to give up the things she enjoyed, the family decided she needed a break.  Her mental and physical well-being was in jeopardy, so we began our search for assistance.  Finding respite with the hours we wanted and someone that fit the personality we desired was challenging to say the least.  To help others with this problem, we became the solution.  In order to take care of someone else you need to take care of yourself.

Johnnie Pendergrass brings her expertise as a Child Care Provider and Director to her role as the Managing Partner of

ME FIRST Respite Care, LLC.  She worked in the Child Care Industry in Prince George's County, Maryland for over thirty years.  She received many certifications in Child Care Management and tokens of appreciation from the families she served.  Johnnie's love for people, her experience with her dad and her nurturing spirit led her to work as a Professional Caregiver. Me First Respite Care is currently providing assistance to Johnnie's 94-year-old mother.  Johnnie was instrumental in starting the Tender Loving Caregiver's Ministry (TLC) in her church, she is a trained facilitator by the Alzheimer's Association and a Caregiver Consultant.

ME FIRST Respite Care realize that Adults thrive better by living in the homes they are accustomed to.  We partner with Family care givers on this journey of providing care to those they love.

The business world is extremely fast paced because, as the saying goes, time is money. Unfortunately, because of this mindset we have lost some of the most important aspects of human interaction. That is why ME FIRST Respite Care makes time for the Family caregiver, the Elderly and the Disabled Adults. We want them to know that when you do business with ME FIRST Respite Care it is not business as usual. ME FIRST Respite Care provides you or your loved one with an individualized matched Care companion to assist in the comfort of the home. We only hire Care companions that we would invite into our home to care for our family members. 


 Giving care to improve the quality of life for others.   We never forget this fact and do our best for them.

  •  Free Consultations
  •  Screened Backgrounds
  •  Insured

  • Bonded

  •  Customer Satisfaction Follow-ups

ME FIRST Respite Care, LLC is not a Franchise. 


To partner with the family caregiver on their journey by offering support, assistance and the opportunity to take a break from their care giving duties.  We help the elderly and disabled adult community, the veterans and surviving spouses by assisting and supporting them to remain at home as an alternative to living in a facility.


"Thank you, I really like my Care Companion and the services she provides.  I'm glad I was told about my husband's VA benefit that pays for my service even though he has been deceased over 27 years."   J. Randolph

"I am really thankful for my Care Companion because I am able to remain in my home.  She is a big help; we laugh a lot and take daily walks."   A. Pounds

"My mom would not let anyone stay with her, but she liked the chosen Respite Care Companion right away.   Now, I can go to work without the stress caused by not knowing if she is safe.  Thank you, Me First Respite Care."  B. Henson

"We no longer use Me First Respite Care services because the care companion that worked well with my mom quit to return to school and we decided not to replace her."    V. Goldman

ME FIRST Respite Care services are available 7-days-a-week, evenings and weekends.

Get in touch!


Phone: 301-747-3961
FAX: 240-242-9931


Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm
Sun: Closed

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